Introducing your hosts for World Buskers United…

Jack Wise (Ireland)

Kobbler Jay (Canada)

Magic Brian (United States)

Paddy Bramwells (UK)

The Checkerboard Guy (Canada)

Vinyl Burns (New Zealand)

Mike Wood (Canada)

Conrade Rivalland

North America


Alakazam (United States)

Alakazam is an International Street, Circus, and Sideshow performer. His high-energy comedy show will have you reeling with laughter and twisting in your seat. Audiences worldwide have been left breathless by Al's incredible body contortions, audacious comedy and daredevil stunts. Alakazam is a self-contained comedy circus sideshow suitable for the whole family!

andyDove_universityPic1 (1).jpg

Zoltan the Adequate (Canada)

Brilliant?  Amazing?  No, just adequate - Zoltan the Adequate (aka Toronto Magician Andy Blau) is skilled in all forms of the ancient conjuring arts: lying, cheating, lying about cheating, and pretending to have super-powers.  Tune in for a rarely-seen presentation of prestidigitation from this world-famous-in-Canada amazo-tron.
(Photo from circa 1995.  He still has that tie, though.)


Snap Boogie (United States)

This native of Boston has taken his high-energy, street-style, one-man solo show to audiences around the globe and in front of millions as a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent. He performs at College and NBA half-time shows and regularly competes in international dance battles. From Canada and Australia to Japan, Kyrgyzstan, France, Belgium and more, Snap Boogie’s performance transcends culture and language. No stranger to the spotlight, he was also featured in the movie “The Way Way Back” alongside Steve Carrell and Maya Rudolph. Snap Boogie’s Show is a high energy combination of multi disciplinary dance, pop and lock, tap dance, audience participation, comedy, and crazy physical stunts. The name “Snap Boogie” given by his late uncle; himself a former break dancer who passed the torch to his talented nephew and now Snap Boogie plans to continue building a legacy of entertaining people with his break dancing and irresistible charisma!


Chalkmaster Dave (Canada)

Chalkmaster Dave made his name as a sidewalk artist, busking on the streets of Toronto. He creates stunning chalk murals, live in front of his audiences eyes. Today you can catch Dave practicing his craft at festivals and events across Canada.


Johnathan Burns (United States)

Born with the gifts of flexibility, curiosity, and goofiness, Jonathan Burns now uses these unique talents to astonish audiences around the globe. Over the course of his career, Jonathan has appeared on America’s Got Talent, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, and Many More! He’s been dubbed “Extremely funny” by The New York Times, and was named “Variety Artist of the Year” by Campus Activities Magazine, TWICE!


The Hockey Circus Show (Canada)

Did someone say HOCKEY?   That's right, The Hockey Circus Show will get you back in the game.  This show is a family friendly circus experience with a hockey theme that was named “one of the 21 most Canadian things you’ll ever see”.  Acrobatics, juggling, comedy, and one-of-a-king stunts have gotten Paz a top shelf reputation among sports fans.  

- “Paz is to showmanship, what Sydney Crosby is to the National Hockey League” - Ron MacLean - host of Hockey Night in Canada and Rogers Hometown Hockey

The Super Stiltwalking Family

The Super Stiltwalking Family



Peter G-G (Canada)

Peter G-G is a circus artist, musician, and professional actor of over 30 years. He performs across Canada with professional theatre, event and circus companies, as well as in lead roles for stage, film and TV.
Peter’s comically acrobatic and musical ground and stilt character performances include: Cirque du Soleil’s Kooza promo; 2015 Pan Am Games; Grey Cup 100 Toronto; Olympics 2014, 2010 & 2006;  NFL, MLS and NHL games, including co-host of NHL All-Star Week in BC and four seasons as Sammy Soccer on Stilts for the MLS Vancouver Whitecaps; and countless festivals and events small and large.
You can see Peter in lead and supporting roles in films and TV shows including: Arrow, Project Blue Book, Rookie Blue, Life Unexpected, Benchwarmers 2, SlapShot 2, and many more, including a number of TV movies that also feature his original songs. He has performed at many excellent theatres across Canada including The Arts Club, Tarragon Theatre and many more. Peter has also released two original songs albums, and sings and plays guitar for the Vancouver-based band Ze Lollygaggers.


Byron Bertram (Canada)

Born and Raised in Vancouver to an artistic background.
An only child with a undying need to be the center of attention and in the limelight. He started his a career as a street entertainer at the age of 16, which was inspired after learning how to juggle in a summer school for the performing arts program. His well received comedy, escape, juggling show under his stage name "Byron from England" was a massive success at festivals, and fairs in over a dozen countries.
In 2002 he became a full time stand up comedian performing with a natural talent for voices, accents, and impressions which made him a favourite in his home country of Canada, as well as receiving critical accolades abroad in The US, UK, and Australia.
Fun fact: on television you may have seen him as a guard on Alcatraz to the notoriously funny whiny husband "Pam can you call my mom?" on the NyQuil Commercial.


Cate Great (United States)

What can be said about the Cate Great! Show that isn’t already in the name? Cate blends high-end circus with unique comedy. You will be charmed by her wit and astounded by her skill. Whether she is precariously balanced on her rolla bolla or defying gravity balanced on her hands you will be thrilled and amazed (don’t know what a rolla bolla is? Come down to the show, you will not be disappointed).
Trained at The Quebec Circus School Cate is a seventeen-year veteran of circus stage and street. She’s performed in eleven different countries including: Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Dubai as well as most of the United States and Canada.
She’s charming, she’s talented–she’s not just great, she’s Cate Great!

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Kate Mior (Canada)

International mime artist Kate Mior is a versatile character performer, who once enjoyed touring the globe with her show 'Madame Guillotine' in a pre-coronavirus world. She is best known for executing willing volunteers with a 8ft guillotine for the amusement of the children, and her Guillermo Del Toro approved windup doll Coppelia. Now, in the impending societal collapse, Kate has refocused her skills towards producing online content and DJing us all into apocalypse.



IN-teractive, HIGH impact Stilt characters, Statues, Jugglers … 

For 16 years, Kyle Sipkens has been taking clowning to NEW HEIGHTS. You can see smiles and eyes rise UP whether he & his friends are spreading smiles, starting dance parties or taking ultimate selfies. 

Focus IN experience. 


Silver Elvis (Canada)

In a world of over 58,000 Elvis impersonators there is only one Elvis simulator that is “Silver Elvis”. Head-to-toe in silver, this cash activated robbo E, dances into your heart with classic Elvis moves.

C_UsersKarenDropboxCamera  Uploads2019-08-17 16.20.10-1 (1).jpg

Clark Schlesinger (Canada)

Clark Schlesinger is a singer, songwriter, musician from Mississauga Ontario. Clark got his start at 10 years old as the singer/drummer for the band LINC and could be seen playing at the Hard Rock Cafe in Niagara Falls for several years. Now a solo performer, accompanied by his acoustic guitar, Clark's music is  enjoyed in many pubs, clubs, bars, markets, special events, festivals, and private  events across Ontario as well as special guest performances in Bahamas and New Zealand. Clark's genre and style is a mix of classic, alternative and pop tunes with an additional influence of jazz and the blues.  He covers an endless number of songs and additionally writes and performs his original music.


Satya Bella (Panama)

The enigmatic Satya Bella has spent the last ten years spinning in circles and taking the hula hoop to the next level.
Having undergone elite training with the Beijing Acrobatic School, Satya combines a unique display of beguiling grace, extreme flexibility and high-skilled multi-hooping to gather more than a few captivating tricks under her belt.
Satya has virtually circled her way around the globe, performing in over 42 countries in exotic locales from Lake Tahoe to Beirut to Mexico.


Mighty Mike (Canada)

Step Right Up! Witness Mighty Mike throwing around bowling balls and sledgehammers as if light as a feather... while wearing a 1920s style bathing suit. You’ll be amazed as he bends horseshoes, juggles bowling balls, and tears packs of cards, but try not to laugh at his dance routines.

Eric Woolfe (Canada)

Step right up and behold the most miraculous manifestation of mite sized marvelosity ever seen on any stage!
The greatest trained fleas ever to hop the Earth will perform for you death defying acts of pulchritude and prowess for your amusement and edification!
As seen at Buskerfest Toronto, The Grand Canadian Steampunk Exibition and stages across Ontario!
It must be seen to be believed! And believed to be seen!


Nigel Blackstorm (United States)

Born Gareth Blackthunder, he was raised in a small town in the south of England called New Jersey. As a youth he focused on his two passions: heavy metal and magic. When he turned 16 he changed his name to Nigel Blackstorm because he argued that his given name didn't sound "heavy" enough.
As is the case with us all, Nigel grew to adulthood and was confronted with choosing his career path. As his love for metal and magic had only grown over time, and since he had no desire to wear a suit, Nigel decided to devote his life to both his arts, founding the magical heavy metal cover band, Lordz of Illuzzion, in 1991. The band toured the world with their unique approach to music and released three albums that garnered minor attention.
In 1998, following a sold out performance at the world famous Orange County Fair, the other three Lordz abruptly quit the band. Nigel was devastated by this surprising and untimely break-up. Driven by rage and passion and channeling the spirits of Houdini and Ozzy Osbourne, he put the pieces of his life back together and thus emerged The Heavy Metal Magician. With the skills of an alchemist, Nigel blended heavy metal music and the world of magic, creating the unique genre: "Heavy Magic." Be prepared to have your mind blown, and ladies: please control yourselves.


Imre Bernath (United States)

Hungarian Preeminent Street Clown. His performances feature hilarious interactive and visual comedy, along side world class acrobatics. Imre’s shows last 20 to 45 minutes and are ideal on stages, at public events and in exhibitions. Imre has performed in 13 countries over 4 continents.


Tim Holland (Canada)

Master Ventriloquist Tim Holland is not the only daredevil on the stage, but try doing death-defying stunts while arguing with yourself! Either uncooperative or over-zealous, the Puppets always steal the show. 
Featuring ventriloquism, dangerous juggling objects, and a high unicycle, the show offers something for everyone. Tim has performed for the President of Singapore, trained with masters of comedy, and has a rubber-chicken that dances the can-can.


Lukas Stark (Canada)

Lukas Stark, The Mystery Entertainer has trained his body and mind to perform incredible feats of magic, mentalism, and skill. Like a modern day Sherlock Holmes he’ll get inside of your head, display his super human memory, turn an audience member into a psychic detective, and last but not least reveal the child hood dreams of one lucky subject all while juggling knives and walking through broken glass.
Can he read minds? No.
Is it all psychology? No.
Is he psychic? Heck, NO!
Then how does he do it? It’s a mystery…


Limited Edition Andy Giroux (Canada)

An incredibly dynamic and fun show that will keep you guessing what will happen next. This show draws its inspiration from the countries all around the world that Andy has had the opportunity to visit and perform in.
He combines juggling, hand stands and high level acrobatic Cyr wheel into this thrilling interactive experience. But the heart and soul of this show centres on Andy’s high energy, he will have the crowd clapping and cheering from start to finish!


Trulee Odd Show (Canada)

Trulee Odd has amused and amazed audiences around the world. His show is a unique blend of charm, zaniness and amazing feats. From the time he makes his entrance on a tiny motorcycle until his heart stopping finale, 15 feet in the air, juggling knives, blindfolded, on a unicycle, you won't want to miss a second.


The Rubber Chicken Show (United States)

Greg Frisbee’s Rubber Chicken Show is a family fun comedy show which presents a variety of skills with an approach that is original and incredibly funny…with the aid of RUBBER CHICKENS.
Greg Frisbee performs his comedy variety show at events around the world and having performed in all 50 states, on cruise ships and in more than 30 countries to date, he says he is “just getting started.”
Greg grew up in a small town in Massachusetts and began to learn his skills in magic, juggling and variety at the age of 9. Thru the years Frisbee has performed everywhere from State Fairs and festivals to fortune 500 companies averaging over 350 shows per year. He continues to develop his cutting-edge comedy skills and define his unique style everywhere he goes.
In addition to a successful performing career, Greg also holds a college degree in Media Communications, which gives him the ability to turn a computer on and off, program the television, and also make a great cup of coffee.


The Lucky Barber Show (Canada)

Real Metal, Real Sharp!

Lucky brings his Barber brand of hair-splitting comedy with cigar boxes, juggling knives and a barefoot Boot-of-Nails finale. Stand too close & you may feel Razor Burn!


Goldie (Canada)

Some of Dawn’s experiences include: living in a converted convent in provincial France working on a 40 minute solo show focused on juggling letters of the alphabet; hula hooping with a samba band during a thunderstorm at a clown convention in Rio de Janeiro; Performing a 40 minute one woman juggling show to Rimsky-Korsakov’s Scheherazade with a full orchestra in Ontario, Canada; Stilt walking up mountains through to a group of hula hooping child monks in Thailand. She’s been pepper sprayed by a riot canon because she was juggling for a crowd too close to the Santiago university riots; and she’s also crossed the border to Burma with 20 fully dressed clowns in a tuk-tuk to then perform her 1-5 ball act to the most gracious people.
Dawn is now a mother and she’s incorporated the juggling, writing and clowning into her caregiving. She continues to study the psychology of play, and grounds her new ventures and community building ideas in the science of play. Dawn is a busking advocate and has been working alongside since 2011 to help art be free to all people and all people free to make public art. Dawn is now hunkered down in creation mode, bringing all of her skills together for a exciting new show!
Oh, and she’s pretty good at contact juggling.

Balanzo 3 Hats edit (1).jpg

The Great Balanzo (Canada)

The Great Balanzo presents a gourmet blend of circus and comedy that has been seen live by over 1 million people around the world. He’s had repeat invitations to Just for Laughs, sold-out shows at the National Arts Centre of Canada, and once John Cleese form Monty Python said ‘Hello’ to him! After his first massively successful online performance for 3 people, Balanzo is ready for World Buskers United.

The Fire Guy (Canada)

Brant Matthews, “The Fire Guy”, is an entertainer from Toronto, Canada.
He's the Guinness World Record Holder in Fire Eating at 101 torches in 60 seconds. He's performed halftime shows for the Raptors, and loves performing at events around the world.
Brant is an expert in Fire Juggling, Fire Eating and Fire Breathing. Whether it’s for stage, screen, festivals, fairs, private parties or parades; FireGuy isn’t fueling around.
There’s more to this Guy than the Fire. Fire Guy is also obsessed with the latest LED juggling technology.
FireGuy has also been rolling from city to city & country to country with his extreme skateboard fire show. His motorized “One Wheel” fire routine is at the cutting edge of circus innovation. If you want a show that can entertain thousands, then this show option plays big.

Phileas Flash balloon dog.jpeg

Rupert Appleyard (Canada)

British born performer Rupert Appleyard (aka Phileas Flash)  has been capturing hearts worldwide with his brilliant brand of balloon art, charming comedy and crazy magic for almost twenty years.
Armed only with a little wit, a lot of talent and a big bag of balloons he's traveled all over the globe and amazed audiences from Iceland to Egypt, Tokyo to Dominican Republic and everywhere in between.
Phileas has performed for Hollywood celebrities, won international awards, twisted balloons for dukes and duchesses and frequently appears on television in both Canada  (where he now lives) and internationally.
He is widely known for his fan art balloons and in 2016 was commissioned by American broadcaster AMC to make Walking Dead balloon art for their award-winning image spot "Life imitates AMC". He is also widely regarded as one of the foremost teachers of balloon art in the World.
During the last few weeks he has been spending his time going on “Balloon adventures in isolation” on both local TV and his own YouTube channel. For the series he creates gigantic balloon sculptures by request in the safety of his basement, proving to children that a vivid imagination and a positive attitude can make anything possible.
So if you've ever been blown away by a balloon dog be prepared to be blindsided by the balloony brilliance of Rupert Appleyard!


Kobbler Jay (Canada)

Having perfected the classic variety-style circle show, Kobbler Jay uses his seasoned arsenal of juggling tricks, fire manipulation, and fresh wit to captivate, delight, and charm audiences of any age.
Children are spellbound by his stunts, teenagers get a kick out of his saucy wit, and adults can recognize the full worth of his humour. His comedy can be described as “off the wall” yet appropriate to the audience.


Scott Jackson (Canada)

Internationally renowned as a master of sound and ceremony, Scott Jackson is a beatboxer birthed by hip hop but who stretches the art form’s appeal at every turn. His craft is his work, his work is his hobby, his hobby is his lifestyle: when sounds collide, his world is manifested. Arguably Canada’s best, he’s represented his country at international competitions like Scribble Jam and the World Beatbox Championships, demonstrated enviable work ethic as a busker in downtown Toronto, competed in beatbox battles, and even taken his act to schools across Ontario.


Rockabilly Joe (Canada)

Joey Albert has been a part of many shows over the years, including award winning act Stunt Double Circus, but Joey has come into his own these last 5 years doing a solo show. Rockabilly Joe is a one man comedy, juggling, acrobatic show with a rockabilly vibe. Highly skilled in acrobatics and juggling, Joey brings a unique twist when he mixes both together.  This show will have you consistently laughing while feeling nervous for his safety.


Flyin’ Hawaiian (United States)

The Circus meets paradise in the Flyin Hawaiian Show, acrobatic hula hoop performance, contortion skills, and interactive clowning all climax upon a 15’ high coconut tree you have to see to believe.  You have never seen a hula hoop show like this, nor have you ever been on a holiday vacation quite as entertaining as this one.  It is the best of both worlds, so sit back, have a laugh, and enjoy the show.


Wacky Chad (United States)

Wacky Chad's award winning pogo stick skills, charmingly funny jokes and antics got him on America's Got Talent (Twice!), and a performance at the Superbowl.
For more than a decade, he has entertained thousands of crowds, from schools, fairs, festivals, theaters, colleges and universities all over the world. Prepare to be amazed, and if you don't like laughing, go somewhere else.


The Farmer’s Daughter Show (Canada)

The Farmer's Daughter Show harvests bales of belly laughter and truck loads of fun. Farm-tastic gymnastics, rowdy rope tricking, and a one-of-a-kind milk bottle walk finale combine for an udderly amazing show, (filled with corny humour).  Yee haw!!


Brad “The Balloon Guy” Wood (Canada)

Brad has been delighting audiences since 2005 with his wild balloon creations and ridiculous sense of humour. Brad performs stage shows and makes balloon creations at approximately 200 shows and events per year.
Whether it’s a birthday party, corporate event or festival, Brad is a big hit with both kids and adults. His ability to create almost anything out of balloons with a friendly smile and great attitude, makes him an amazing addition to any event.
Brad the Balloon Guy has created everything from adorable ladybugs that you can wear on your wrist to life size Star Wars figures for his clients.  He happily creates balloons on the spot, and can create custom figures and sculptures for decor or giveaways.
Not only is Brad a popular family entertainer in Ottawa, he also regularly performs at festivals and events across Canada.


Stories On Wheels (Canada)

STORIES ON WHEELS is an original street theatre storytelling act for the whole family. Tales are brought to life by a high-energy comic performer, using beautifully illustrated picture cards displayed in a magnificent miniature wooden stage attached to the back of a unique bicycle. Inspired by a traditional Japanese travelling storytelling show popular from the 1920s through the 1950s called Kamishibai (literally paper theatre), the show combines the best of oral storytelling and narrative painting. Featuring gorgeous illustrations by local artists, as well as traditional picture cards from Japan, several short stories are told with music, dramatic action, and audience interaction. As well, the audience gets to hear an amusing and informative history of the art form. You’ve never been told a story this way before!


Fresh Kils (Canada)

From behind the boards to the stage, there’s not a spot of ground Fresh Kils’ prolific career hasn’t touched. And not just hip hop. It’s true, you’ll see Saigon and Ali Shaheed (ATCQ) grace his resume, but you’ll also find the likes of Ron Sexsmith & The Buena Vista Social Club. His prowess on the MPC has seen him share the stage with many of hip hop’s legends (Nas, De La Soul) as well as the best of the underground. With momentum & accolades growing each year, Fresh Kils’ is poised for a sound system takeover unlike any we’ve seen in a long time. You’ve been warned…


Pancho Libre (Panama)

Pancho is a highly flexible and creative artist adaptable to different projects. A clown at heart, he loves to move, to dance and is an explosive acrobat!
He enjoys new challenges and working under direction. All his skills can be adapted for corporate/gala events, family festivities, street theatre festivals or animation/walkabout/meet and greet.
Pancho has a wealth of experience performing solo and in a group environment. One of his his most popular works has been an award winning interactive, high-skilled, comedy performance 'Pancho Libre -The Mexican' which has been performed in sixteen countries around the globe!

Press Photo 1 (1).jpg

James Jordan (Canada)

James Jordan fell in love with vaudeville as a young boy watching the Muppet Show. The music and comedy combined with magic, juggling and the death defying stunts from Gonzo the great enchanted and inspired the young hyperactive boy.  Two circus schools, 3 theatre companies and a life time of street performance later he was finally ready to step onto the boards to be the vaudevillian he always wanted to be. Bad news, Vaudeville has been dead for 50 years. The only way to reach his life long dream was to create his own one-man Vaudeville variety review.


Doktor Kaboom! (United States)

Doktor Kaboom is the creation of actor/comedian David Epley.
David grew up expecting to be a research physicist. Then a biomedical engineer. Then a mathematician, an astrophysicist, a chemical engineer, a marine biologist. So, of course, he became an actor.
For almost 30 years David has written, directed, and performed original comedy shows throughout the US, and around the world. Outdoor festivals and street performance were his primary venues of choice, with an occasional stage show thrown in for good measure. In 2006 David decided to bring science, his first passion, back into his life. Blending science and theatre has been a dream come true, opened multiple doors, and led to the most fulfilling work of his life.
 Teaching, inspiring, and empowering the minds of our youth, and reminding their parents to be an active part of the equation. How could someone’s work be any more rewarding?
David is a veteran of the US Army, and a former Firefighter and EMT. He calls Seattle home, where he lives and loves with his wife and their two wonderful daughters.


Marianne Trenka (Canada)

Marianne Trenka is a circus artist and character performer based in Montreal. She has performed both locally and internationally. Marianne has entertained audiences in festivals such as the Montreal Jazz Fest, Just For Laughs, Circus Quirkus New Zealand and the Edinburgh Fringe. You can catch her and her many spinning, shining hoops as a regular performer on stages throughout Montreal.
Marianne will delight the audience with her hoop dancing skills, whether it’s a colourful multi-hoop cabaret-circus show, glowing L.E.D. or fire hoops, stilts, or the incredible, spinning Weggsphere.


Dr. Draw (Canada)

There are very few names that can promise you won’t leave their gravitational pull without undergoing some kind of transformative emotional experience, and one of those names is Dr. Draw. The Moscow born electric violinist moved to Canada with his family in 1992, and learned his craft busking on the streets of Toronto where he earned his stage moniker as a healer of the spirit. Impossible to ignore, Dr. Draw was often solely responsible for bringing the people he encountered out of their somber mood and into a sunny one.
It is rare to find a musician nowadays who able to base his whole career entirely off of his creative work, but this is an accomplishment that can be attributed to Dr. Draw. His key to success cannot be explained beyond that his style speaks to and for his place in time. Dr. Draw embodies the enigma of improvisation, inspiring insatiable curiosity and awe wherever he goes.

South America


AJ James (Panama)

AJ James does things that very few others can – knife juggling on a balance board (even going so far as to perform upside down!) and a timed escape from chains are just his warm up! His invigorating performance includes leaping through fire, multiple back-flips and somersaults which will leave the audience holding their breath whenever he performs!


Katay Santos (Uruguay)

Katay Santos brings you an amazing act filled with breathtaking acrobatics in chairs, risky tricks with chinese pots, and the kind of skills necessary to tame a furious beast.
With the special combination of improvisation and the finely tuned skill, Katay turns his show in to one unforgettable experience. This circus show is a perfect treat for your entire family!


Diogo Alvarez (Brazil)

Diogo is a master manipulator who brings his show “Face to Face” to the online stage, for the very  first time.  With a mixture of raw street magic and incredible illusion, he performs a silent magic show with all ages in mind. Diogo takes life’s most common objects and sends them to the universe … making them disappear, right before your eyes.



Rob Roy Collins (UK)

Rob Roy Collins is one of the UK’s top escapologists. His specialty is giving his own modern twist to some of the  most iconic, classic escapes such as being bound, suspended and upside-down. Escape artist Rob has hung from roller coasters, cranes, buildings and helicopters (setting a Guinness World Record in the process). He has appeared around the World performing his signature escapes; from handcuffs & chains… sometimes even with explosives strapped to his restraints!


John Hicks (UK)

The International Man of Artistry!
A show of creativity from Jon’s diverse repertoire.
Origami, spoon bending, tea making, gentle comedy and dynamically executed artworks performed to a soundtrack of stylish music climaxing in the painted, awesome, upside down delight of a big finish.


Spikey Will (UK)

Spikey Will (Man Of Danger) is a professional speciality act juggler, street performer, and corporate entertainer.
With ten years experience of building and entertaining crowds all over the world with his mix of dangerous stunts, comedy, and magic, and a unique double bed of nails finale that has audiences amazed, he is at home performing almost anywhere.


Zanzibar (France)

One of France’s most incredible and entertaining exports, Zanzibar is a well-traveled and highly experienced street performer and juggler. As a master of the Diablo, he can juggle a range of objects while balancing on a 10-foot free standing ladder. Even the tricks he can do with a simple pair of sunglasses make Zanzibar a crowd favourite wherever he goes!


Otto il Bassotto (Italy)

Otto il Bassotto has transformed rubber into a madcap show! He is the Master of Balloons. Born in the land of balloons (a small city in southern Italy), he experienced a whole host of types and sizes in crazy magic, improvisation and classic clown acts. With a rubber face and a brain that bounces, he presents incredible balloon tricks and hilarious comedy, crossing the bounds of possibility into pure imagination.

promofoto 2.png

El Diabolero (Austria)

El Diabolero is the spectacular product of 20 years of development. It’s packed with clowning, pantomime, comedy, object and subject manipulations, improvisations, even some magic and last, but not least: extraordinary and mind-blowing Diabolo-skills. (Like extremely high tosses up to 40 meters, multiple diabolo-juggling, etc....) It’s an amazing crowd puller anywhere it takes place, and an multiple award winning street performance.


Darwin Juggling (Switzerland)

Darwin  is an international Street busker and a master of contact juggling! Originally from Venezuela, he now brings his show and his energy around the world. With his new show we see pieces of the world through the eyes of a bizarre juggler who will show us his abilities, wonder, and amusement. An interactive, bizarre act that highlights the dexterity of the artist: juggling, comedy, contact, and juggling with a straitjacket! The whole show will be a perfect combination of technique, humour, and provocation, trying to leave a reflection and a smile in the audience.


Victor Rubilar (Spain)

Argentinian in his blood but a true citizen of the world. He has done shows in over 35 countries and 145 cities. Victor Rubilar, juggler extraoirdinaire, holds FIVE(!) Guinness World Records, eleven International Awards and has performed shows in front of millions of people in the audience… Victor Rubilar is, without a doubt, a one of a kind juggler. He specializes in juggling with up to five soccer balls, comedy and dancing. Victor Rubilar presents a very unique soccer performance. In his career he has shared stage among many with Pele, Messi, Etto’o, Drogba and have done shows for the Royal family of UAE.


Papito (Spain)

Hear the latin rhythms: dance and happiness, constant surprise. Out of a chest comes to two chairs and a variety of objects with which an uncommon relationship is established, with a special objective of warming the hearts of his dear public. Papito (a unique player) with happiness and a characteristic attitude, he presents a fresh and entertaining show appropriate for any public.
Papito (a different player) attempts to find and reveal his true essence, not only as an actor but also as a human being. This is a search for pure energy that transforms everything into laughs, applause and cries of joy.


Betty Balloon (UK)

Betty Balloon is no ordinary balloon modeller, she creates mesmerizing balloon sculptures, dresses and archways to bring the balloons to life and tell a story in a creative and innovative way like you have never seen before.
Whatever the theme or occasion, Betty Balloon can create something incredible and bespoke for you.


Jack Wise (Ireland)

Learning to shuffle a pack of cards and keeping them in exactly the same order. Teaching himself the skills of suggestion and psychological manipulation making him appear to be a mindreader. Learning to slow his heart to fewer than 10 beats a minute (which is of no practical use but really freaks people out.)
These are just a few of the skills Jack Wise has mastered.
Did we mention he is proud to be a member of The Sword Swallowers International Association? That’s right.
Today, Jack Wise entertains at corporate events and as a wedding Magician all over Ireland and England and as a festival performer all over the world!


Mat Ricardo (UK)

An authority on street performing, Mat has delivered a TEDx talk on the subject, has written extensively about the artform, and remains a bona-fide star of the street performing world. Mat learned his craft on the cobblestones of Covent Garden, and continues to be one of the most quick-witted, high-skilled, well-travelled and sharply-dressed entertainers on the international busking circuit. He can be relied on to pull a crowd and then reduce them to hysterics, all while showing them tricks they've never seen before, might still think are impossible, but will never forget.


Mr. Bang! (UK)

He loves all that bangs! He is the Punky Clown who, wherever he is, brings the energy of his inimitable laughter! Born in France he grew up in England and from there traveled the globe. From Dubai to South Africa, Australia to India, South America to Italy, he charms everyone with his absurd, psychedelic and post-romantic antics, smokey tricks and Explosive Comedy! An extraordinary Character, he knows how to keep his audience on a very tight rope, always just on the edge! His mission? To make you laugh in the face of Fear and to share with you the tricks to make Fear disappear.


Liam Collins (UK)

Liam Collins was world hurdles champion, (which basically means he’s good at jumping over things quickly and accurately.) 
In 2017 he decided to create a show out of his jumping skills and within 6 months he was featured in Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! for his stunt: jumping at 20mph through purpose built circles of fire and jagged teeth - all while blindfolded. 
He now call himself the Stunt Runner, and continues to push the limits daily on what the human body is truly capable of.


Fit Up! (UK)

Fit up is a fantastic travelling circus/theatre company. With a fabulous pop up trailer stage that they tour around the UK doing shows. With 25 years combined experience performing world wide Tasha and Corey can add joy and hilarity to any event!! Whether you need a family friendly show, a cabaret, street show, theatre show or just want to add a bit of atmosphere to an event with a walkabout character we’ve got it! Not only do we provide shows but we can also provide a stage with our cute pop up trailer stage which is perfect for any outdoor event!


Muy Moi Show (Germany)

Muy Moi Show is a hybrid show, combining different concepts by uniting them through their similarities.  It is a family show, full of fun, action and humor. It is an interactive experience that requires audience participation. It includes presentations of dancing and wild flexibility, exciting moments of fire tricks and a volunteer standing on Muy Moi while he lays on a bed of nails and as well as lots of funny jokes in between.


Richard Filby (UK)

Richard comes from Australia, but lives in the UK. He is a professional Juggler and Entertainer since 10 years. His show is a 45 minutes format with enjoyable circus tricks, such as high level juggling, acrobatic balance, knives and/or fire tricks, crowd interaction, and humour.


Kacper Mysiorek (Poland)

Kacper Mysiorek is an illusionist and comedian. His dream has always been to use his potential one hundred percent and become the best performer he can be. At the age of 15, he started performing on the street to get to know all kinds of audiences and learn to provide them with the best entertainment possible. Three years later he left his family home and set off into the world with his show packed in a small suitcase. During the journey so far, he had the pleasure of enchanting hundreds of viewers in 10 countries on 4 continents. He has performed twice at the world's largest street artists festivals Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival. He has also been a speaker at the TEDx conference and a participant of the 10th edition of the Mam Talent program .

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Professor Bubbles (Germany)

On the stage or on the street...with a bag full of tricks and a head full of science Prof. Bubbles delights spectators both young and old!
As he begins to sculpt bubbles into every conceivable shape and form, the boundaries of science and art blur and become fantastic entertainment! Shows include: Hand bubbles, fog-filled bubbles, helium bubbles, kid in a bubble, (optional) fire bubbles and of course every other conceivable bubble. The show is interactive, funny and beautiful.


Fluid Druid (UK)

The Fluid Druid casts a crystal stream of gravity defying illusion as he nimbly manipulates 4 glass spheres making them appear to float and glide around his body. Prepare to be mesmerized. 


Dan Magness (UK)

Not only is Dan a world class Football Freestyler, presenter, and multiple Guinness World Record holder, but meet him and you will find out that he is probably the nicest guy you will ever meet. His impeccable tricks and energy-filled presentation has led him to hundreds of different countries to perform for royalty, work with celebrities, film and TV and give his time to numerous charities. Not only can the Football Freestyler perform gravity-defying tricks with footballs, he is also known for his experience within the television industry.


Duo ComicCasa (Switzerland)

Herman & Henriette, two cleaners who work mainly behind the scenes, are surprised by the audience. After the first shock, they realize that they even enjoy being in the limelight and creating a grandiose circus show with everyday objects. The two sympathetic, crazy characters Herman & Henriette, with their unique style of physical theater and acrobatics, create an atmosphere in which nothing is impossible. A show with a lot of humour, charm and surprises.


JOHNman (Germany)

JOHNman is one of the best-known living doll artists in Germany and has greatly influenced this art for many years. He has performed for numerous international engagements and festivals from Oslo to Johannisburg. This artist's highlights are the winnings of the world championships 2010 and 2013 (World Statues Festival for Living Statues) in Arnhem/Netherlands. He is the first and so far only artist who has won the world championship twice.


Groovy Guy (UK)

Cheeky humour combined with awesome juggling, circus and magic tricks, “Groovy” Guy Collins has been entertaining on land and sea for over 20 years. His comedy rope walking routine was judged by Penn Jillette to be so good he made him Winner of the Travel Channel’s TV talent show “Street Cred”. Whether he is making a banana magically appear while riding his 6 foot unicycle, rolling a crystal ball on his head, or juggling deadly sharp knives, there is sure to be laughter.

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Marco Bonisimo (Netherlands)

Marco Bonisimo is a juggler, tightrope walker, and circus theater maker. He sees it as his mission to marvel and enlighten the heart: to dream, to laugh, to cry. Finding access to yourself through enlightenment. Juggling and circus are not the goal, but a language - in performances, during shows, and in training.
Marco specializes in juggling soccer and tennis rackets. He holds three Guinness World Records and is a multiple Dutch juggling champion.


Pyromancer (Netherlands)

His fire makes happy, but what he does with it is pretty serious. Pyromancer is an incredible fire-breather and performs an unusual fire show that is a mix of a playful atmosphere,  a good laugh, and spectacular flames. Watch him warm up to surprise you with the intensity of his fire-breathing. At the end of his show, he will make the fire travel through the air on his mouth, with the flames tickling lips for longer than you ever held possible.


Matt Barnard (UK)

Matt has performed across the world as a compere, actor, musician, singer and as himself in his unique one man show.
He was the resident compere of the cult Sensation Seekers Stage at the Glastonbury Festival, starred in London’s oldest variety show in the West End in and performed his unique act at the famous London Palladium. He also appeared in the Hollywood movie Mrs Henderson Presents in which he performed the famous sand-dance with Gareth Jones.
He has won many awards for his solo show including at the Feldkircher Gaukler Theatre Festival in Austria. He has co-created site specific work for street theatre festivals across the UK including a comedy walking tour called Wondertours.
He is also one half of the musical duo Lounge Blizzard currently wowing audiences across London with their 80‘s mash ups, pop, jazz and country music.


Mr. Vita (Spain)

Mr. Vita looks like he could have walked straight out of a cartoon and into real life, yet rather, he invites his audience to leave real life and enter his cartoon. A cartoon full of zaniness, awesome juggling and his latest invention ‘la bomba’, this lovable, self proclaimed professional stupid, brings delight to audiences of all ages. His unique ability to communicate through his expressive rubber skin and sounds, rather than words, allows his inventive performance style to have no language barriers.
The T.N.T show is a high energy show daringly mixing circus, clown and physical comedy and finishing with Mr Vita’s hardest stunt… Rock n Roll, a motorbike helmet and a striptease all lead up to the moment that everyone is waiting for…‘LA BOMBA!!!!!!!’ If you want your town to explode – then there is no doubt that the T.N.T show is what you are looking for.



Kaborka (Israel)

Kaborka is a theatrical performance that portrays the life journey of Uri and Noa Weiss, two traveling actors who attempt to combine their acting career with “real life”. The contrast between these two worlds – the stage and home – is presented through a sequence of dramatic and comic scenes, seasoned with elements from the world of circus.


Asaf N’ Roll (Israel)

Asaf Barsella is an acrobat, juggler, and performer with 20 years of entertainment experience. He started in the successful duo In2circus and began his solo career 10 years ago. His show “Asaf N’ Roll” is an ever-evolving world tour, and over the past five years, has brought him everywhere from New Zealand through Europe all the way to South America.
Asaf also participates in cabarets and variety shows as a juggler and MC, and works as a mentor to circus and street theater productions.


Akira (Japan)

Akira from Japan is one of the most unique artists you are likely to see on the streets anywhere in the world.
His amazing high-energy act combines dance and DJ mixing skills, while creating stunning artwork all at the same time.
Akira is based in Japan but travels the world with his art. Recently he performed at the Street Performance World Championships in Ireland and Dubfest in Dubai.
After his performances in Croydon he will spend August in Edinburgh where he will be charming the Edinburgh Fringe Festival crowds with his quirky style and artistic flair.


Geno DeVille (China)

As a young child Geno discovered a love of magic and a life time later, he still has it. A career that started as a street performer, has seen him become a top children’s party performer, a highly requested corporate close up magician, magician of choice for many fortune 500 companies, a multi–award winning magician, (including European Close up champion of the year – twice.) Geno is also the author of 7 magic books and 3 magic instructional videos, has performed for royalty in his home country and abroad on numerous occasions. He has spent nearly a decade as a guest performer on many of the worlds most luxurious cruise ships, has hosted numerous TV shows in the UK and Asia, head-lined his own theater tour show on 3 continents selling over a million tickets… and the list goes on and on and on!


Mr. Kazuki (Japan)

Mr. Kazuki specializes in the theme of Japanese tools: Japanese sword, folding fan, Japanese umbrella, and crystal ball. He will perform tricks such as juggling using items of dice or bamboo that represent Japan and balance involving the audience.
Mr. Kazuko is a Tokyo metropolitan Certified performer.


Hero-san (Japan)

Hero-san show is like no other show. He turns the stage into a dojo, and carries out tricks that you would have never seen before. He juggles beans with chopsticks and lifts himself in handstands in the most incredible fashion. He has performed in major festivals around the world, including Dubai marina and Edinburgh festival. His show is suited for families as well as corporate events. He gets his audience involved with stereotype asian expressions and doing a kung fu routine with his volunteers. A show that truly combines unique oriental comedy and top level acrobatic skills. I guarantee, after you watch it, you won’t forget his show for a long long time.


Witty Look (Japan)

CHEEKY! & DAIKI paired in order to create a comic act that is the fusion of the cartoon world mixed with high level unicycle skills. After winning many performance competitions in Japan, Witty Look began to perform around the world! Since then they have been awarded people Choice Awards many times Witty Look have become a highly regarded comedy/unicycle show around the world!


Andrew Lee (Malaysia)

Andrew Lee is a modern day visual artist, who started out his carrier as a performer at a very young age. His shows incorporate 13 variations of magic. One, which includes: Production & Vanishes of live birds out of thin air. Levitation, the ability to float an object in mid air. Mentalism, dealing with the human mind also known as “Mind magic” which enables the performer to read minds, bends objects, move objects using only the power of the mind. Transposition and Substitution of objects giving you different variety and variations to his shows.
His close up magic skills allows the audience to feel the magic happened in their own hand, which is one of the strongest elements of magic.

Performer JUN(KOR)2.jpeg

Jun (South Korea)

Performer Jun, the winner of the gold prize in 2016 Taiwan Formosa International Diabolo Competition, is one of the top diabolo performers in South Korea. He is a Contemporary Circus Artist and entertainer who has performed in 21 nations worldwide. Jun is focusing on creating circus performances that convey personal messages, through which he can “have conversations with” his audience.

Australia & New Zealand


Space Cowboy (Australia)

Sideshow celebrity, The Space Cowboy is a truly unique artist from Byron Bay Australia. A natural performer, he started presenting his unusual skills at the local markets at the age of eight, now he has shocked and amazed audiences in 40+ countries at festivals, events and in sold out venues around the world and made numerous television appearances that have earned him his fame. The Space Cowboy is a highly skilled and diverse performer who currently holds over 50 x Guinness World Records, the most records ever held by an Australian!

ZAP CIRCUS - Purple People Show Square SMALL.jpg

ZAP Circus (Australia)

Tarrabelle & Rusty are ZAP CIRCUS. An internationally award-winning contemporary circus, acrobatics and comedy duo from Western Australia. Over the last decade this husband and wife team have performed in over 30 countries. They have been astonishing audiences and connecting communities through laughter, while winning hearts world-wide.

See why for yourself, and rock some official ZAP CIRCUS merch! #ZAPcircus

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Dom Ferry (Australia)

An award-winning international street theatre performer for 24 years, in 2008 Dom withdrew from the world of juggling & one-liners to return to his first love - the guitar. Using just a solid body nylon string guitar and incorporating elements of jazz, flamenco, gypsy jazz, classical & acoustic blues, Dom has created a hybrid sound & blended it with his own melodic pieces to create a repertoire that simply entrances audiences everywhere ... A master at transforming an urban plaza, park or market setting into a wondrous harmonious space with just the pure beauty of his sound, Dom’s musical gift resonates within the hearts of all those that hear it. Keep an ear out for Dom. Your heart will thank you for it! 
Dom is highly regarded as a pioneer in the world or street theatre as he was the figurehead for taking on Sydney Council and convincing them to overturn their laws and allow busking in Sydney.


BBoy illwill (Australia)

A born entertainer, William Sanchez aka "BBoy illwill" began his career at 12 years old dancing and making people laugh on the streets of New York City. Much more than just a breakdancer, Will lives to make people laugh and loves the energy and rush of performing in front of a live audience. Ultimately, breaking saved Will’s life and as a young, impressionable Puerto Rican kid, kept him off the streets and out of trouble. A compilation of everything he has learnt over the last 2 decades of performing, BBoy illwill's one man show is a mixture of dance, comedy and acrobatics. Watching the show, it is clear just how passionate Will is about performing, entertaining and inspiring the next generation.


Kozo Kaos (New Zealand)

Known for his versatile, high octane live shows, International performer Kozo Kaos will leave you in ‘awe’. Originally from Auckland, New Zealand, Now based in Melbourne, Australia, Kaos has been performing since the age of 17, he dazzles audiences at corporate events, private functions and festivals, as well as touring worldwide with his comedy stunt show. Kaos's diverse skills and abilities span across multiple disciplines like juggling, magic, and circus stunts with elements of danger and Rock ‘n’ Roll, keeping you on the edge of your seat.


Amelia Cadwallader (Australia)

Amelia Cadwallader is an Australian performer who has entertained in over twenty countries working in companies and independently throughout Europe, The Middle East, Asia and Australia.
Maple Staplegun, (Amelia’s character) has escaped from the office and onto the streets ready to prove to the world that she is no ordinary secretary!  Armed with hula hoops, office items and a quirky attitude, Maple is set to show the audience that not all is what it seems.
Amelia’s amazing hula hoop manipulations mixed with absurd improvisations and physical comedy allow her audiences to be amazed while at  the same time unable to contain their laughter.


The Amazing Mr. Fish (Australia)

A man with a gold fish, a 10ft unicycle, and no inhibitions.
The Amazing Mr. Fish presents a circus, comedy, mime extravaganza. Not since the vaudevillians of yesteryear have so many skills been seen in one amazing show, and not even they could do it with a fish down their trousers.
For the finale of the show Mr. Fish rides a 10ft unicycle with one leg whilst balancing a gold fish on his foot! He then kicks the fish through the air so it lands in a gold fish bowl on his head, and yes, his parents are proud. (No actual gold fish are in any way inconvenienced in this act.)

Unicycling Unicorn1.jpg

The Unicycling Unicorn (Australia)

Jamey, The Unicycling Unicorn, creates an atmosphere that is not only amazing but undeniably breathtaking. Tricks guaranteed you have never seen on one wheel, including fearlessly jumping over a volunteer, double cross-over (feet on opposite pedals) and pedaling with hands...just to name a few. Don't miss the grand finale; juggling on top of one of the highest unicycles in the world at 12 feet tall whilst juggling a sword, torch and the most dangerous object of them all...a selfie stick with an $800 iPhone attached!!!


Mantega 2.jpg

Mantega Cirko (Cape Verde)

Ever wanted to be STRONGER, FASTER and SMARTER?Well, your answer is WONDER DRINK!
Highly original and innovative, Mantega invites the audience to a wordless journey where tons of laughs and gasps of amazement are guaranteed.
In a show that makes the perfect blend between theater and high level circus skills you will see Mantega juggle and manipulate unusual objects such as glasses, ice cubes and liquids and be amazed by an impossible grand finale.
Disguised as a living room, the show affords endless surprises as nothing is quite what it seems and props are discovered accidentally and exploited with subtlety and fun.
Developed in Cape Verde, Africa, assisted direction in South Korea by Mrs. Park Sang-sook and played in New Zealand, Canada, Russia, Spain, Germany and many other countries in the world this is a show with a Brazilian touch that combines visual comedy, juggling and charisma.